Smashed spiced baby roasties with pickled onions

Smashed spiced baby roasties with pickled onions

Serves 6

3 red onions, thinly sliced

180ml white wine vinegar

11⁄2 tbsp granulated sugar

Salt and black pepper

1.2kg baby potatoes, larger ones halved

Large handful of fresh coriander, finely chopped

Large handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped

4 tbsp olive oil

3 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tbsp smoked paprika

11⁄2 tsp ground cumin

2 tbsp lemon juice

Pinch of cayenne pepper

  1. Placed the sliced red onion in a sieve over the sink and pour over a ketteful of boiling water. Allow to drain.
  2. In a saucepan, stir together the vinegar, sugar and one teaspoon of salt. Bring to a boil over a medium-high heat, then remove from the hob.
  3. Transfer the onions to a sterilised jar and pour over the hot vinegar mixture. Use a spoon to press the onions down so they are submerged and tap on the counter to release any air bubbles. Close tightly and allow to cool, then place in the fridge.
  4. Preheat the oven to 210 ̊C/190 ̊C fan/gas mark 7.
  5. Place the potatoes in a large saucepan, cover with cold water and add a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil over a high heat, then turn the heat to medium-low, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes or until soft enough for a knife to slide into a potato with ease. Drain potatoes and allow to steam dry in the pan for 2-3 minute, then set aside to cool slightly.
  6. In a large bowl, stir together three-quarters of the coriander and parsley with three tablespoons of the olive oil, the garlic, paprika and cumin and some salt and pepper. Add the potatoes and toss to coat.
  7. Spread the potatoes out over two baking trays and use the back of a fork or a potato masher to firmly press down on each potato and crush it. Bake for 30 minutes until golden and crisp.
  8. In a small bowl, stir together the lemon juice and cayenne with the remaining coriander, parsley and olive oil. Spoon this mixture over the potatoes, then top with some of the pickled onions, to serve.

    Per serving: 244kcals, 9.8g fat (1.5g saturated), 34.8g carbs (5.7g sugars), 6.2g protein, 6.8g fibre, 0.415g sodium