Millionaire’s shortbread pancakes

Millionaire's shortbread pancake stack

Serves 6

For the pancakes:

Follow our Ultimate fluffy pancake mix recipe

For the layers:

100g of crushed shortbread biscuits

100g of chocolate chips

150g of rich caramel sauce

  1.  Using the ultimate pancake recipe, make enough mini pancakes (about 10cm each in diameter) to be able to create numerous stacks.
  2. To form the stack, spread a generous amount of caramel sauce on each layer and sprinkle with chocolate chips and crushed shortbread before adding the next layer of pancake.
  3. Stop when your stack is the desired height – we usually recommend no more than 4 mini pancakes for each stack.
  4. For extra indulgence, melt some of the chocolate chips and drizzle on top.