Serves 4
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For the filling:

For the parcels:

For the harissa salsa:

  1. In a bowl, gently stir together all of the ingredients for the filling. Add more lemon juice or seasoning to taste, if desired.
  2. Place one sheet of filo pastry on the work surface and cut it in half. Brush one half with butter and place the other half on top. Place one quarter of the crab mixture in the middle at one end of the pastry and shape it into a rectangle around the size of a deck of cards. Fold in the sides of the pastry around the crab, then fold it up to enclose, rubbing a little water along the edges to seal together. Turn the parcel over so the seam is facing down, then set aside. Repeat with the rest of the pastry sheets and crab mixture.
  3. For the salsa, toast the cumin seeds in a dry pan over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes until fragrant, shaking the pan often and being careful not to let them burn. Transfer to a bowl and add the remaining ingredients for the salsa. Stir to combine well and season to taste.
  4. To cook the parcels, heat the rapeseed oil in a large pan over a high heat. Add the caraway seeds and cook for one minute. Working in batches if necessary to avoid crowding the pan, add the brik parcels and cook for 2-3 minutes per side until golden and crisp. Transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper and drain briefly. Serve the crab brik parcels with the harissa salsa.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 372kcals, 15g fat (1.8g saturated), 37.6g carbs (4.5g sugars), 17.9g protein, 3.4g fibre, 0.806g sodium