Serves 4-6
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To serve

1. Put the milk, rice and salt into a large, heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil over a high heat, stirring constantly. 2. Reduce the heat to low, then add the coconut milk, sugar and vanilla. Cover and simmer gently for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. 3. Uncover and continue simmering, stirring frequently, for about five minutes until the rice is tender and the pudding is reduced. 4. When the rice is cooked through, remove from the heat. 5. Serve warm, at room temperature or chilled, garnished with sliced mango, toasted coconut, lime zest and coconut yoghurt.

Test Kitchen Tip: It’s important to let the pudding simmer gently — not boil — and you’ll need to stir constantly toward the end of cooking to prevent scorching. It may need some extra liquid if it becomes too thick too quickly.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 332kcals, 18.3g fat (15.4g saturated), 38.9g carbs (22.9g sugars), 6.6g protein, 2.6g fibre, 0.061g sodium