Watch this couple sort out the great Tayto debate!

Crisps generic tayto debate
Which Tayto is the best Tayto? An American couple on holidays put them to a taste test!

An American couple on their holidays have gone above and beyond their duties as visiting tourists with a video that just might go down in the history books.

The couple settled an age-old debate between the North and the South in a concise, to-the-point four-minute video: Which Tayto are the best Tayto?

At the beginning of the video, uploaded by “Jack. O Gibson”  we see a blindfolded Jessica, with Taytos from the South (ROI) in her left hand, and Northern Irish (NI) Taytos in her right hand.

Jessica’s husband explained that the pair had stopped off in Donegal and had obtained a packet of the ROI-branded Tayto in addition to the NI packets sold in the UK market.

“She won’t have any idea which is which, so she’ll be an objective scientist,” he explained.

Jessica praised the NI Tayto for its big bag and having a “good crinkle,” but wasn’t impressed by the lack of flavour.

“It doesn’t have a very strong flavour, it just kind of tastes like a potato chip,” she said, a little underwhelmed.

Before moving on to the mystery second bag of crisps, Jessica requested a palate cleanser in the form of a mug of red wine.

After some deliberation, Jessica determined that the ROI brand Tayto “smelled a little stronger when you put your nose in it,” and felt they were crispier than the NI counterparts.

“I think I like these ones more,” she says, “these are better.”

So that’s that — Tayto ROI wins this round according to unbiased opinion.

We’d also like to add our appreciation for The Irish Rover blasting in the background.

Did Jessica make the right choice? Which Tayto do you prefer? Let us know!