Super veg sambos


Take our five-a-day sandwich challenge and add extra crunch to your lunch!

Making your own sandwiches allows you to pack in extra veggies. Sliced cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce complement many sandwich fillings, so we are all used to them – but we challenge you to take your sandwiches to the next level and aim for a minimum of five different veggies in each! Read on to be inspired by some of our team favourites.

These recipes will have your mouth watering! Plus, they’re packed full of nutrients.

Sweet potato katsu sandwich 

Crispy sweet potato slices + curry mayo + pickled carrots + kimchi + cucumber ribbons + Chinese cabbage + white sourdough bread

This sandwich packs an extra crunch from the breaded sweet potato slices and a spicy element brought in with the curry mayo and kimchi. The recipe can easily be converted into a vegan option by using ground flaxseed in place of the beaten egg (1 tbsp flaxseed
+ 3 tbsp of water= 1 flax egg!. The sweet potato can also be replaced by aubergine if preferred.

Onion and kale bahji sandwich

Onion and kale bhaji + beetroot yoghurt + pickled cucumbers + lettuce + mango chutney + chopped red chilli + malthouse sourdough

The thinly sliced vegetables are lathered in a creamy sauce perfectly complimented by the spiciness of the red chilling and the sharp vinegar taste of pickled cucumbers. The Bahji really stands out here as it creates a crispy batter on the kale reducing its natural bitterness.

 Halloumi sandwich 

Chargrilled halloumi and courgette + sautéed peppers and onions + herby hummus + harissa aioli + rye bread + fresh rocket

Halloumi just has the power to level up any meal , turning a humble sandwich into a gourmet feast. All the flavours come together perfectly in this recipe – one bite of this sandwich, and you’ll be hooked.