Meet the team – Sophie

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Sophie Barr: Food photographer, avocado addict


Sophie studied my BA degree in photography, ending up in food photography almost by accident – and she’s never looked back. “I always tell people how different it is to other areas of photography – food doesn’t talk back!” Until joining the team at Easy Food, she spent two years working as an in-house studio food photographer for a global company in Berlin, eating her way through the city’s fantastic restaurants and cafés.

Sophie is very passionate about both eating and photography, so it’s no surprise that she thoroughly enjoys her job. “I love how every day is different and our briefs have such variety. From day-long shoots of extravagant desserts to food lifestyle or product shots for brands, no two days are the same. So much care and detail has gone into the preparing, cooking, styling and working collaboratively with our ideas – being able to capture that on camera is the icing on the cake.”

She gets crazy excited when the new issue of Easy Food comes into the office each month and we get the first glimpse of our work in print. “There’s a great sense of pride that comes from holding the magazine physically and flicking through it together, and that feeling can’t be replicated on-screen. I really enjoy working within a team of such creatives – I often get inspired by others’ ideas and love to help bring these concepts to life!”

One perk of working at Easy Food is that we all get the opportunity to try new and different dishes and recipes. However, Sophie maintains that her last meal would be “super basic – I would want the Firehouse Bakery seeded spelt loaf, lightly toasted with chilled mashed avocado, sesame seeds, salt and pepper. To me, there’s nothing better.”