Ice cream sundae cake

Ice cream sundae cake Easy Food

Serves 8-12

1 x our favourite vanilla sponge recipe, to fill 2 x 20cm sandwich tins
1 x basic buttercream icing
2 bananas, sliced
To decorate:
Hundreds & Thousands
Ice cream
Chocolate fudge dessert sauce
Toffee or butterscotch dessert sauce
Strawberry dessert sauce
Ice cream wafers
Glacé cherries

  1. Spread one of the cakes with some of the buttercream icing, then arrange the banana slices in an even layer.
  2. Top with the other sandwich layer. Spread the remaining buttercream over the sides and top of the cake. Refrigerate until the icing is firm.
  3. Press the Hundreds & Thousands into the bottom half of the cake.
  4. Add a few scoops of ice cream to the top of the cake. Freeze until the ice cream is firm.
  5. Just before serving, drizzle the dessert sauces over the top and add a few more Hundreds & Thousands. Stick in an ice cream wafer and top with cherries before slicing.

Per Serving 538kcals, 25.1g fat (15.5g saturated), 76.8g carbs, 53.4g sugars, 4.5g protein, 1.4g fibre, 0.197g sodium