Meet the team – Jocelyn

Jocelyn bio headerJocelyn: Deputy Editor, recipe creator, food history nerd


Deputy Editor Jocelyn Doyle graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy with a Master in Food, Culture and Communications, a new understanding of how our food history has shaped us as humans, and a fierce desire to help Irish food shine.

Her biggest obsession is Irish dairy; her biggest pet peeve is the diet industry. “There’s way too much shame and guilt associated with eating. Food is the most natural part of life, and it’s there to be enjoyed.” Aside from her almost complete lack of a sweet tooth, she’ll try anything; in the past, that list has included crocodile, snake’s hearts, headcheese, donkey salami, fish eyes, chicken feet and cubes of coagulated blood! “There’s something to learn from every food culture, and that’s the main reason I travel. I want to eat everything, everywhere.”

These new flavours and inspirations filter into her own cooking. “I’m no chef,” Jocelyn says, “but I’m a very good home cook, and I love challenging myself to learn new skills and make new dishes. I hope we provide the same inspiration for our readers.” She likes the stinkiest cheeses, the strongest coffees, the darkest of dark chocolate and a high fat content, always. She trusts her instincts over best-before dates, she has strong opinions on the industrial food system, she can’t resist anything fermented or pickled, and she will fight you for the last bite of burrata.

In addition to her roles in recipe development, feature writing and magazine editing, she feeds her passion for Irish food by writing a monthly column, Eat Ireland, shining a spotlight on the hardworking small producers that can be found all around our little island. “It’s my favourite part of the job,” she says. “Irish food is just the absolute best, and as a nation we don’t recognise that nearly enough.”