Meet the team – Caroline

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Caroline: Editor, commander-in-chief, & sandwich aficionado


Editor Caroline graduated with a degree in journalism and did the rounds as a reporter in her hometown of Chicago, covering police reports, local news and the exciting world of Great Lakes weather patterns; however, a more alluring subject was calling — food.

She moved to New York City for a stint at the Food Network studios, where she was surrounded by other self-proclaimed “food nerds” and decided that a future in food media was most definitely for her. She traded in steel skyscrapers for the rugged coastline of Shanagarry, Co. Cork, where she enrolled in the 12-week cookery course at Ballymaloe Cookery School.

From mastering knife skills to making homemade butter and identifying endless cuts of meat, she cemented a knowledge of proper cooking techniques and left with a better understanding of food as a whole. “I always say that Ballymaloe was more than a cooking school — it was an education in real food: not only all the things you can do with it, but also where it comes from and why it’s so important to be aware of that journey.”

Caroline’s passion is teaching people the basics of cooking and firmly believes that preparing a meal from scratch is one of life’s greatest pleasures. “It’s such a shame when people think they can’t cook or feel intimidated by a recipe. Once you’ve mastered a few basic meals, you can really start having fun and making them your own.”

A Midwestern girl at heart, she has no time for pretentious food and will happily take a good ol’ casserole over a plate with foam any day. She believes there is such a thing as a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and has been told on numerous occasions that she talks too much about sandwiches.

Her love of cooking real, humble food seeps into her work at Easy Food, from planning features to recipe development and poring over shared food obsessions with guest editors. “Easy Food’s motto is to be inspiring but doable, so when it comes to recipes, it’s about hitting that sweet spot between the familiar and new — bread pudding made with pain au chocolate or shepherd’s pie with slow-cooked beef. More than anything, I want Easy Food to be a champion for the home cook — or fellow food nerd!”