SOUP-er recipes for quarantine lunches


    During the lockdown, we’re actually finding it quite hard to stay healthy. We’re sitting around and snacking much more, it can be easier for our diets to lack nutrition.

    An easy way to make sure you fill your body with nutritious veggies is soup. Soup for lunch while working from home is easy — especially if you batch-cook it. Here are our favourite soup recipes for delicious quarantine lunches:

    Creamy wild garlic soup

    Delicious and comforting. It’s like getting a hug while we’re all locked up. You won’t regret it!

    Courgette, chickpea and pea soup

    The protein and fibre from the chickpeas will help keep you full for hours.

    Amped-up tomato soup

    Pair it with some delicious sourdough bread and you have a lunch fit for a champion!

    Chicken, mushroom and wild rice soup

    The thyme and garlic in this recipe will fill your home with yummy smells all day long.

    Veggie-packed potato and leek soup

    This is perfect to nourish your body in a time like this. It’s packed with nutrients, but it’s also filling enough to keep you going all afternoon long.

    Moroccan chicken soup

    The good thing about Moroccan food is that you can spoil your tastebuds with lots of different flavours. This recipe uses six different spices for a tantalising taste!

    Green tortellini soup with kale pesto

    If you’re feeling down, this colourful green soup will brighten up your day — plus, the tortellini make it perfect comfort food.

    Cream of cabbage soup with bacon

    Creamy and with a healthy portion of veg? Sign us up!

    Easy chicken noodle soup

    Whether you’re feeling a bit under the weather or just in the mood for some tasty food, this easy soup will always be the answer.

    Creamy potato and fennel soup

    This is delicious. You’ll want to eat this every day for the rest of the lockdown.

    Spicy beetroot soup

    Beautiful in colour and taste. It’s fresh and comforting at the same time — perfect for a springtime lunch.

    Quick and easy vegetable soup

    If you’re in the mood for something familiar, but still tasty, this quick and easy vegetable soup is the perfect dish to whip up in your kitchen.

    Honeyed carrot soup

    Honey and carrot makes for the perfect combination. This is a sweeter take on a much-loved soup.

    Chicken and avocado soup

    Naturally creamy, the pairing of chicken and avocado is the perfect combination of healthy protein and healthy fats.

    Healthy mushroom soup

    No soup list is complete without a good mushroom soup. Delicious and healthy — perfect for a delicious family lunch!