Our best bread recipes for quarantine baking

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    Quarantine can be very boring if you can’t see your friends and family, or walk around in the shops. But it can also be put to good – and delicious – use!

    These bread recipes are easy enough to not discourage you, but also still challenging to keep you from loaf-ing around (get it?).

    Soda bread

    We all love soda bread. So try perfecting it at home so that once the social distancing is over, you can treat your friends to delicious homemade soda bread.

    Buttermilk batch bread

    Patrick Ryan, the one of the champions of “real breads”, shares this recipe that’ll have you begging for more.

    White sourdough

    Another amazing recipe from Patrick Ryan, and even better, no need to buy yeast for this one!

    Cheese and onion soda bread

    This delicious take on an old favourite only means good, yummy things. Make sure you have plenty of space in your tummy.

    The new white bread

    This white bread is a bit healthier than the original – perfect for when we all try to follow nutritious diets throughout Covid-19.

    Stout bread

    As we’re living in Ireland, there are two things you can’t live without: Stout and bread. Put them together and you get this heavenly creation.

    Seedy oat bread

    This recipe is so easy, so quick and so delicious you might want to bake two of them at a time.

    We talk to Patrick Ryan about real bread

    One of the bread kings shares all we need to know about baking real bread.