How to: make fondant snowmen

    Fondant snowmen Easy Food

    Fondant is a fantastic way to differentiate cakes all year around, but at Christmas you can have some real fun with it! These adorable fondant snowmen are super cute, and only have 6 simple steps!

    Step 1 Using your hands, roll a walnut-sized ball of fondant into an oval shape to make the body.

    Fondant snowman step 1 Easy Food

    Step 2 Roll two small pieces of fondant into long shapes to make arms, and attach to both sides of the body with a bit of water.

    Fondant snowman step 2 Easy Food

    Step 3 Roll one long string of white fondant and one of blue fondant and twist around each other to make a scarf.

    Fondant snowman step 3 Easy Food

    Step 4 Arrange the scarf on the top of the body.

    Fondant snowman step 4 Easy Food

    Step 5 Roll a smaller ball of white fondant for the head and place on top of the body. Place a small short roll of blue fondant over the top of the head, then flatten two tiny balls to the sides of the head for ear warmers. Use edible silver balls for the eyes and a tiny cone of orange fondant for the nose.

    Fondant snowman step 5 Easy Food

    Step 6 Repeat with other snowmen with different coloured scarves and ear warmers, as in the cover image for this article.