How to: make fondant presents


    Fondant presents are a really cute way to add some drama and height to a cake. Pile them up or spread them around!

    Step 1 Form a small piece of fondant into a cube shape.

    Fondant presents step 1 Easy Food

    Step 2 Do the same with other sized cubes for a variety of presents. Roll long pieces of fondant into strings in different colours for the ribbon.

    Fondant presents step 2 Easy Food

    Step 3 Place the coloured strings around the presents in a cross shape.

    Fondant presents step 3 Easy Food

    Step 4 To make the fondant bows, use a long string of coloured fondant and make a loop closer to one end of the string.

    Fondant presents step 4 Easy Food

    Step 5 Make another loop with the other end of the string and place it on top of the first loop to make a bow shape.

    Fondant presents step 5 Easy Food

    Step 6 Place the bow on top of the present. Try them with all different colours!

    Of course, you can’t have presents without a tree to put them under! Click here for how to make your own fondant Christmas tree.