How to: make a spooky Halloween spread

    How to make a spooky Halloween spread Easy Food

    Halloween is a phan-tastically fun time of year, and we love trying out new ways to scare (and delight) our family and friends around the house!

    This table spread is one of our favourites. It’s the perfect mix of terrifying and tasty, and it’s so easy to make too! You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like, but either way it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and conversation started.

    What you’ll need…

    Black tablecloth or a large platter
    1 joke skull
    Selection of sweets: we used jelly eyeballs, brains, fingers, marshmallows, jelly beans, liquorice laces, Smarties, etc.

    1. Cover a table with a black cloth and lay the skull in the centre.
    2. Arrange an assortment of sweets and other treats around the skull to create a creepy scene.
    3. For the zombie marshmallows, use an edible pen to draw on the faces. Use some icing to stick on Smarties to create coloured eyeballs.

    Make it yours…

    If you’re really aiming for a scare, make this display extra elaborate by using candles, lights, fake spiders and/or webs to make it extra spooky!