Video of the week

dr oetker0008 easter nest video

This decorative chocolate biscuit cake by Dr. Oetker is sure to impress this Easter.

Lamb chops with mint and yoghurt sauce

A quick and easy family meal from the National Dairy Council.

Easy Food croquettes

Easy Food Magazine do a step-by-step demonstration for

Make your own fakeaway - Nando's peri peri chicken

Make your own fake Nando's peri peri chicken from the comfort of your own home!

Frittata cups

You'll love these easy peasy frittata cups, perfect for when 'there's no food in the house'.

3 ways with lemons

Here are 3 easy and delicious lemon recipes — lemon shortbread, lemon posset and lemonade.

A step-by-step demonstration to making chocolate mousse from Easy Food magazine

These pot of gold cupcakes by Dr. Oetker will have you feeling lucky this St. Patrick's Day!

Easy Food magazine tell you the secret to making simply scrumptious cookies.

Easy Food Magazine make lovely chocolate

Easy Food Magazine make a traditional Irish soda

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