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Homemade gift liqueurs Easy Food
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How to: make homemade liqueurs

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, and for some of us that means drinks. These easy to make gifts are a really...
Food kits Easy Food
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How to: make gift food kits

Edible gifts are one of our favourites here at Easy Food. The extra care and attention that goes into them is a really lovely...
Homemade Christmas dog cookies Easy Food
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How to: make homemade Christmas dog cookies

If you're lucky enough to have a dog, then they are a huge part of your Christmas. Wrapping up warm to take them for...
Tips for fondant Easy Food
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Fantastic tips for fondant

Fondant icing is a fantastic and fun way to decorate cakes, but it does take some getting used to! Here's a few tips from...
Peppermint ornaments Easy Food
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How to: make peppermint ornaments

Making your own ornaments is a fantastic way to get in the holiday spirit! These peppermint decorations will fill your house with the smell...
Vegetarian christmas Easy Food
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Tips on catering for vegetarians

Cooking for a group means planning in advance, and if the group includes vegetarians that rule still stands true. Just remember these tips in...
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How to: make a Santa hat cake cover

This Santa hat cake cover is absolutely gorgeous and a guaranteed talking point for your Christmas entertaining! Here's how to make one... Step 1 Use...
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How to: make fondant presents

Fondant presents are a really cute way to add some drama and height to a cake. Pile them up or spread them around! Step 1...
Fondant christmas trees Easy Food
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How to: make a fondant Christmas tree

Fondant cake toppers are so much fun, and make the finished product look absolutely amazing. We're focusing on Christmas toppers with these tutorials, but...
Fondant snowmen Easy Food
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How to: make fondant snowmen

Fondant is a fantastic way to differentiate cakes all year around, but at Christmas you can have some real fun with it! These adorable...