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8 muffin recipes to snack on

Muffins are such a versatile treat. Whether it's sweet or savoury, it's perfect for a quick meal on-the-go or just an anytime-snack for when hunger strikes. 
Ice pops_easyfood
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Cool down with these ice pop recipes

Summer is here and there's nothing better than a cooling ice pop when it's scorching outside. Here are four recipes you can follow to make your own at home. 
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Cooking with stout? Try these 7 recipes

This is a time of experimenting with lots of different recipes and ingredients. And if you haven't cooked with stout yet, now's the time to do so. We have 7 out-STOUT-ing recipes for you to try.
Peanut butter cookies_easyfood
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5-ingredient biscuit recipes

In the mood for some simple baking? These 6 recipes are perfect to try. And you only need five ingredients!
10 yummy pasta salads for summer_easyfood
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10 tasty pasta salads for summer

Here are 10 of our favourite pasta salads that won't only be the perfect companion for your barbecued meat, but it's also so delicious!
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How to create a restaurant experience at home

Turning your home kitchen into a cosy restaurant for the people you live with is a great way to use dinner as a source...
5-ingredient meals_easyfood
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10 five-ingredient recipes for easy cooking

Here are 10 of our favourite five-ingredient meals to try. 
13 no bake recipes
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13 no-bake recipes perfect for warmer weather

Here are 13 easy no-bake recipes that'll still quench your thirst for baking, but will also give you time to enjoy the warmer weather during the lockdown. 
Fried chicken recipes_easyfood
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5 fried chicken recipes that’ll have you wanting more

Here are 5 recipes to try out now that we have a lot of time during lockdown. 
10 tips for brewing coffee at home_easyfood
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10 tips for making barista-quality coffee at home

We have the easiest tips to help you make the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.