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What to expect at this year’s Burren Slow Food Festival

The 2022 Burren Slow Food Festival, taking place from 20-22 May, will be dedicated to raising awareness about and promoting the concept of “GEOfood.”...

    3 bakes you didn’t know you could make vegan!

    Our Test Kitchen vegan baking queen, Síomha, has been working her magic in the kitchen and has made three timeless classic bakes into unforgettable...
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    5 summer cocktails you’ll love!

    When the sun is out for happy hour, cocktails are a must! Whether you can't get enough of the fun, fruity flavours or you...
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    May week 3 meal plan

    Busy week ahead? We’ve got you covered with some cooking inspiration that will save time trying to answer the "what's for dinner?" question Carrot and...
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    3 tomato ketchup alternatives

    Whether it's ketchup or red sauce to you, one thing we can be sure about is that ketchup has earned its rightful place on...
    Easy Food magazine new issue 162 February 2022 Ginger Salmon Sesame Noodles
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    Which noodles should I use?

    The blanket term "noodles" in a recipe is really a disservice to the variety and complexity available today. Whether you need delicate glass-like vermicielli...
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    Our top 5 show-stopper cakes

    If you fancy a challenge this weekend, we have just the recipe for you. These cakes are always a crowd-pleaser, beautiful to look at and your taste buds will be forever grateful.
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    What exactly is cornflour?

    Starchy, powdery and a little bit messy, cornflour is one of those kitchen staples with a myriad of uses, the most common being used...
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    5 easy curry recipes you need in your life

    Chilli, spice and everything nice — we cannot resist a good curry! Whether you need a speedy mid-week dinner for the family or a...
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      6 must-try summer recipes from Siúcra

      Through many years of pairing with Siucra, we have created quite an impressive collection of recipes.