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Challenging recipes for baking while in self isolation

These recipes might be some that you always wanted to bake, but never had the time for. Guess what? You have time now! So take on the challenge. 
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The best recipes for beginner bakers during quarantine

If you really want to start baking but not sure where to begin, we've got you covered. These recipes aren't only delicious but very easy. So give it a go. 
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The best recipes for chocoholics during quarantine

If you're a chocoholic, this is the perfect way to really spoil your tastebuds with what they want: chocolate! These recipes are just what you need. 
irelands favourite birthday cake
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The best recipes for quarantine baking

Perfect your baking skills the next few weeks with these recipes perfect for the type of baker you are. 
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7 of the best banana bread recipes for self isolation

While we're all staying home avoiding any contact with other humans, we all have a lot more time to ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity to refine your baking skills, and the best (and easiest) recipe to do so is the beloved banana bread.

    How to have a picnic at home

    Set up a blanket, get out the picnic basket, and bring your teddy bears! Plan the perfect family day in with these kid-friendly picnic...
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    How to make butterfly pasta pots

    Dried pasta is a great item for craft activities, with different pasta shapes suiting different projects (classic dried penne necklace anyone?) Farfalle not only looks...

      How to make homemade playdough

      Playdough is the source of endless hours of entertainment, but did you know you can add the fun by making your own? You can even...
      Síomha Guiney's food styling tips.
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      Síomha’s tips for beautiful food styling

      Síomha Guiney, one of our food stylists, a coleslaw queen and sandwich architect, has some great tips to make your food LOOK delicious.
      Pauline Smyth's top tips for the kitchen.
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      Pauline’s top tips for the kitchen

      Pauline Smyth, one of our food stylists, recipe testers and and amazing artist, shares some of her best tips for cooking at home.