WIN an eco-friendly kids’ picnic set!

    ecofriendly picnic wear

    Celebrate picnic season in style by winning yourself an eco-friendly picnic set for the kids!

    Founded by Dublin mum Sharon Keilthy, eco-friendly toy website is now stocking DanToy bioplastic tableware toys, all made completely from plants. Extracting and refining petroleum to make traditional petro-plastic is dirty: it releases 6kg of carbon dioxide per 1kg of plastic. In contrast, bioplastic is produced from the leftover leaves and stalks from harvested sugarcane, making bioplastic carbon-neutral to carbon-negative!

    As well as being so much greener, bioplastic is just as moldable and durable as petro-plastic. And Jiminy’s bioplastic toys are extra-eco for a number of reasons:

    • is Ireland’s biggest eco-specialist distributor of kids’ art supplies, crafts, and toys.
    • Toys are made in Europe to minimise their transport miles or ‘toy-miles’ carbon footprint.
    • Toys are made of wood, innovative bioplastics (100% made from plants), recycled cardboard, paper, or safe recycled plastics.
    • The range includes board games, flat packed toys, wooden puzzles, bouncy balance boards, construction toys, art and craft supplies, bioglitter, shadow theatres, 3D colour-ins, and lots more, covering ages 0-12+.
    • extensive range is stocked in 28 shops across Ireland.
    • toys come unpackaged or in plastic-free compostable packaging.

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