You’re the judge of these inventive new chocolate bars

    Cadbury Inventor Dairy Milk bars 2021 Easy Food

    Cadbury is back with one of the most delicious and hotly contested foodie competitions of the year, Cadbury Inventor — and this year they’ve raised the bar. Cadbury is asking chocolate fans to judge this year’s new Inventor bars, choosing which flavour remains part of the Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

    Whether you’re bonkers for Brownie, crazy for Cherry or bananas for Banoffee, there is a new Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for everyone. Introducing the three brand new flavours available to buy now: Roxy’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Fizzing Cherry, Josh’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Banoffee Nut Crumble, and Sophie’s Cadbury Dairy Milk No Frownie Brownie.

    Cadbury Inventor Dairy Milk bars 2021 Easy Food

    To celebrate, Cadbury has devised 10 Top Tips to teach the nation how to judge like a pro.

    1. PACKAGING: Take a look at the wrapper itself. How does it look and make you feel? It should make you think, “Woah I want a bit of that!”
    2. PREPARE: Don’t taint your senses with strong tasting/smelling food and drink before trying the chocolate.
    3. SMELL: Smell the chocolate before tasting it — we can smell approximately 80 flavour compounds, but can only taste 20!
    4. EAT: Try two chunks per bar to ensure you capture all the inclusions.
    5. TEXTURE: Note the texture of the chocolate. How long does it last in your mouth? What textures can you feel on your tongue?
    6. TASTE: Take a moment to really experience the taste. Quiet places are good to allow you to focus on what you are tasting.
    7. FEELING: Does it make you feel naughty, but in a good way?
    8. NOSTALGIA: Does it make you feel happy and at all nostalgic?
    9. AFTER THOUGHT: Once you’ve tried, is it so good you feel begrudged having to share it!?
    10. CLEANSE: Cleanse your palate between tasting the different bars to prevent any crossover of flavours. Foods and drinks like cucumber, water and biscuit crackers are good for this.

    Eileen Leahy, Brand Manager at Cadbury, added, “We know the Cadbury Inventor competition is a fan favourite because it allows for delicious new ingredients and flavours to be explored and tasted, and this year has really set the bar high. We couldn’t be more excited to share the three delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours with the nation — but, sadly, there can only be one winner. It is time for us to put it to our experts, the fans, to ‘Be The Judge’ and decide what bar is worthy of returning to supermarket shelves next year!”

    The three limited edition bars are available now in all major retailers across Ireland. Fans can vote for their favourite bar to join the iconic Dairy Milk bar range on the website until 5th September. The winner will be announced in September.