Your cup of tea is now more environmentally friendly

    Lyons Tea biodegradable plant-based teabags Easy Food

    Lyons Tea has introduced new plant-based and biodegradable teabags to its retail range, and will remove the outer plastic overwrap from all its tea boxes by summer 2021.

    Lyons Tea has become the first major Irish black tea brand to switch to a completely plant-based retail range. Lyons Tea’s plant-based and biodegradable new teabags are made from a plant material derived from corn starch.

    According to an independent study of 1,000 adults conducted by iReach Insights1, 32% of shoppers in Ireland would be more likely to buy plant-based and biodegradable teabags as they have a better impact on the environment. Lyons Tea’s new innovations will help retailers meet this growing demand.

    Since introducing plant-based teabags to its range, Lyons Tea has produced 1 billion biodegradable plant-based teabags, saving 50 tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic — the equivalent of 10 million standard-sized plastic carrier bags. Unlike alternative black teabags, which contain small amounts of plastic that cannot be composted, Lyons Tea’s new retail range can be disposed of into a brown (food waste) bin and composted back into nature.

    In another environmentally friendly move, Lyons Tea will also remove the outer plastic overwrap from all its tea boxes by summer 2021.

    Marketing Director of Lyons Tea Gill Irvine said, “We are proud to enter the latest phase of our sustainabili-tea journey and make the switch to a fully plant-based retail product, producing a ‘greener’ cup of tea that is better for the environment. It has taken some time to develop our new biodegradable pyramid teabag, but it has been worth the wait, as the new retail range does not compromise on the great taste that we are renowned for.”

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