You’ll want to check out this ultimate guide to Dublin restaurants

    Dublin Plates restaurant list directory Nicola Halloran Easy Food

    This week, we’ve been very impressed to see a straightforward and extremely useful new online directory of Dublin restaurants, created by The Wonky Spatula‘s Nicola Halloran.

    Nicola has been working on Dublin Plates since mid-2021 when restaurants began to reopen, with a view to encouraging people to support Dublin’s restaurants.

    “Oftentimes we can get stuck in a rut, visiting the same places week in week out,” says Nicola. “The aim of this list is to encourage exploration and act as inspiration for users planning a meal out. It is packed full of information, and complete with a link to each venue’s booking platform and Instagram page.

    “It’s by no means exhaustive either — the ‘hit list’ tab is a mile long and I aim to expand the list over the course of the year.”

    You can find the full document here. Depending on your need, you can filter from everything from cuisine, price, location, rating and more, whether you’re looking for the highest-ranking restaurants, a cheap and cheerful dinner, great sandwiches in the city centre or Asian cuisine in Sandymount.

    Nicola Halloran started the award-winning The Wonky Spatula blog in 2014. Six years later and with a large following on social media and regular appearances on Ireland AM, she published her first cookbook, ‘Cook Healthy, Live Happy’. Nicola’s aim is to show that you can have it all when it comes to finding a balance, and highlighting the top places to eat in Dublin is a part of this.