You’ll love this plant-based Dublin pop-up


    planquet /‘plankwit/
    Any meal that puts plants first; making veggies, fruits, whole grains, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds the star of the show.

    From Tuesday, 24th to Monday, 30th April, something exciting will take root in Dublin city centre. Plant power pioneer Alpro is to host Ireland’s first ever ‘Alpro Planquet’ in collaboration with doctor, personal trainer and food fanatic, The Food Medic. Open from 7am-7pm daily at No. 57 South William Street, the Alpro Planquet will give Dublin diners the opportunity to celebrate all things plant-based and discover a fresh way of eating in the process.

    Dr Hazel Wallace Alpro Easy Food
    Dr. Hazel Wallace

    Alpro has created a delicious menu that puts plants first, from breakfast right through to dinner. The Food Medic, Dr. Hazel Wallace, has also created two delicious Alpro-inspired dishes for the menu that will give guests a full insight to just how much range and variation there is in eating plant-based.

    The range of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes all have Alpro at their heart, including fruit-filled breakfast options, wholesome sweet potato curry for lunch from 12–2pm and mushroom and tofu stroganoff with garlic bread for dinner from 4-7pm.

    Passers-by will also be able to pop in to try Alpro’s new delicious duo of ice-cold coffee drinks, Alpro Caffé, and its delightfully creamy plant-based ice-cream.

    Vicky Upton, head of Plant Power at Alpro, said: “There’s no doubt that plant-based eating is gaining momentum, and for good reason. This way of eating is good for people, and it’s good for the planet – and the reality is that the way we’re currently eating and producing food simply isn’t sustainable, and we need to make a change. That’s why we believe that the future of food is plant-based and we’re committed to leading the charge.

    “The Alpro Planquet is the perfect way to bring this to life, inspiring guests to celebrate plant-based eating and demonstrating just how exciting and versatile eating plants can be.

    Dr. Hazel Wallace, said: “I’m keen to show the world just how easy eating more plants can be, and I am thrilled to be partnering with a brand at the forefront of spreading this message.

    “I am so excited to be involved in the first ever Irish Alpro Planquet and hope that by showing our guests how ultra-tasty and super simple plant-based meals can be, I can inspire them to eat more plants at home.”

    Discover the power of adding more plants to your plate at the Alpro Planquet at No 57 South William Street, Dublin 2. It is open from 7am until 7pm from Tuesday, 24th April until Monday, 30th April, 2018. For further information on the Alpro Planquet visit @Alpro on Twitter and Instagram.


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