You won’t want to miss this amazingly theatrical pop-up dinner

    The Sunless Garden pop-up Easy Food

    A truly unique dining experience is coming to Dublin on October 21 thanks to Hen’s Teeth on Fade Street, with the help of Junior Press and Night Hare. It is set to combine food, theater and photography in a first-of-its kind collaboration in Dublin.

    ‘The Sunless Garden’ is being described as a pop-up concept restaurant which tells the story of a couple’s first date in what was once the most romantic restaurant in town but which has now faded away from it’s golden days. The guests at the pop-up – which has been modeled after the fictional romantic dining spot – will experience the arc of the couple’s relationship through not only the food they’re served, but the artwork, lighting, and music which will surround them throughout the evening.

    Speaking about the project, Rich Lewis – from the Night Hare and who designed the evening’s menu – says ‘The collaboration is a fascinating marriage of two mediums usually reserved for other kinds of visual art or perhaps music. I’m particularly interested to see how the diners receive the dishes, if they can draw any parallels with the images, or it evokes something untold in them.’ His collaborator on the project from Junior Press said that ‘The Sunless Garden is a photographic experiment exploring what happens when you form a new story by re-organising your memories.’ They aim to do this through the combination of mediums they’re working with, and it sounds like a spectacular evening!

    Guests on the night will be treated to 12 courses of specially designed and curated food, as well as a cocktail and a special limited-edition zine created for the evening by Junior Press. If you’d like to learn more or attend, tickets are available at Eventbrite for €110.



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