You have to admire what this lad is eating in China

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    We're only messing with the photo, his lunch was far more Irish

    An Irish Reddit user recently demonstrated that — no matter how far away you are from home — the cravings for our staple foods and snacks will never really leave you.

    User Jay Croghan took to the popular social site to post a photo of his lunch all the way from China, but it’s not the local cuisine he’s enjoying.

    I’m in China lads. A Knorr Chicken soup, Barry’s tea and a Tayto sandwich with Kerrygold. Couldn’t bate it with a schtick. from ireland

    He said, “I’m in China lads. A Knorr Chicken soup, Barry’s Tea and a Tayto sandwich with Kerrygold. Couldn’t bate it with a shtick.”

    It didn’t take long for other users on the site to make the observation that  Jay’s Irish items would have been difficult to obtain in China.

    “Looks like someone’s ma just sent them their living abroad Christmas care package,” one commented.

    As it turns out, there is some availability in China for other iconic Irish breakfast items — with sausages, rashers and pudding all available — providing you know where to look.

    What did emerge from the thread though, was the lack of non-sweet pans of bread in China.

    “BTW where did you get your sliced pan that’s not feckin’ sweet or tasting funny?” a fellow Irishman in China asked.

    “I get two that aren’t sh*te and sweet , my local bread shop has two white sliced — one says milk toast, the other one says, well, the translator says “toast toast” and it’s not sweet,” he replied.

    It’s times like this you really begin to appreciate the availability of our Irish food favourites, all of the time.

    We also can’t help but feel an abundance of sympathy for those with no or limited access to non-sweet sliced white pans.

    If you have spent time living in China and have some suggestions as to where we can find them some nice bread for Stephen’s Day sandwiches, please pass them on — no one needs sweet bread, especially not for Christmas!

    What would be in your care package from Mam if you lived abroad?