Where to pick up some of our favourite mince pies

    Bread 41 mince pies

    Sure, the Christmas lights, decorated store fronts and chirpy carols on the radio are sure signs the festive season, but nothing tops the smell of one of our favourite holiday bakes: mince pies.

    And while a homemade mince pie is hard to beat, one offering comes very, very close (and, dare we say it, might be better): the mince pies from Bread 41.

    The iconic Dublin bakery’s mince pies are available for a limited time in the run-up to Christmas, starting from November 26th. They can be picked up in-store or ordered online.

    This organic bakery specialises in long fermented breads, which are made using traditional methods and just a few simple ingredients: flour, sea salt and water. All breads and pastries are hand-made over two days. The Bread 41 ethos is simple things done the right way, and their mince pies are no exception. All handmade on-site, using organic ingredients, Bread 41 mince pies are an elevated take on the Christmas classic.

    Bread 41 owner and head baker Eoin Cluskey says, “Nothing says Christmas like a mince pie. We make them using a very special family recipe and that same care and love that went into the original goes into each and every one, even on this larger scale. The return of our mince pies really signals the start of the Christmas season for us, hopefully getting together with friends and family and celebrating through another year. I can’t wait for people to start enjoying them and other exciting things coming this Christmas season.”

    For more information on Bread 41, follow them on Instagram or through their website.