What makes a foodie? Find out with Taste of Dublin

    Summer Evening at Taste of Dublin Easy Food

    Taste of Dublin’s four-day playground-themed odyssey of food, entertainment and drinks kicks off tomorrow, June 14th, and we can’t wait to get tasting.

    Taste of Dublin is synonymous with quality culinary experiences and gastronomic delights. Now in its 13th year, the festival organisers have carried out research on what shapes a “foodie,” those curious and discerning individuals who enjoy dining experiences above all else.

    “There is no doubt that we have a very strong food culture in Ireland, with an exceptional interest in cooking, eating out and enjoying experiences related to gastronomy,” commented Avril Bannerton, Managing Director of Taste of Dublin.

    “Celebrity chefs such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Kevin Dundon and Rachel Allen — all of whom will be at this year’s Taste of Dublin — deserve huge credit for introducing people to food experiences both outside and inside the home,” she added.

    “Food lovers are really in for an amazing treat this year at Taste of Dublin. To know more about how people realise a love of food through experiences and throughout their lives is really interesting. Variety really is the key and we love offering so many diverse attractions and demos that really inform and educate.”

    Taste of Dublin asked, “How does one becomes a ‘foodie’ — where food is a delight to make and eat and not just fuel? Is it nature or nurture? Does an individual have a formative experience that makes them become a food lover? Is our background an important aspect?”

    Other questions asked included “Do you have a well-equipped kitchen?” and “Do you prefer to eat out?”

    Taste of Dublin summer Easy Food

    The survey provided interesting results:

    • 38% developed a love of food, ingredients and eating out as adults
    • 35% owe their foodie-ness to their upbringing, during which a love of cooking was fostered
    • Some 21% realised a love of food as teenagers
    • And 6% said they have only recently gained an interest in food — proving that it’s never too late!

    Some had a formative experience as children or teenagers, such as trying scampi in Kilkenny as a child, enjoying tapas in San Sebastian or lobster rolls in Nova Scotia, with 21% saying a special positive experience of food made them more interested in food and ingredients in general.

    51% said they like to improvise with ingredients and utensils as they go along, buying what they need when they need it for a recipe.

    Being a foodie has now evolved into a social leadership role, with 80% saying they know “the skinny” on the latest restaurants and food festivals and would generally inform friends and family about what’s new in their city or town and make decisions about where to eat.

    Over 54% said they loved to cook, while the rest preferred to be cooked for!

    Top experiences at Taste of Dublin this year include specially tailored ‘Food Lover’s Playground’ themed menus, the Roe & Co. Tram where attendees can enjoy whiskey cocktails in a specially reconstructed tram, top chef talent with Irish and International chefs, musical entertainment, family afternoons and cuisine from Korea, China, Thailand, Spain and, of course, Ireland.

    To get even more of a flavour of everything on offer at this year’s Taste of Dublin, and to purchase tickets (on sale from €15), visit www.tasteofdublin.ie.


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