We can’t wait to try this smooth new Irish stout

    Nealo Heineken Island's Edge Easy Food
    Maarten Schuurman, Managing Director, HEINEKEN with Dublin rapper Nealo as they toast the new stout. Photo: Conor McCabe Photography.

    New research* shows 8 in 10 adults feel there is room for more tastes and flavours in Irish stout.

    • Three in four (75%) people are interested in trying a new, more modern stout on the market
    • Nearly 80% say there’s room for more tastes and flavours in Irish stout
    • Over 70% of people would be more inclined to opt for stout if there was a lighter tasting, more refreshing stout option
    • Over 60% of people say there’s room for more choice in the Irish stout market, compared to beer and cider.

    After a resoundingly successful soft launch only two months ago in 300 pubs, Island’s Edge, a brand new Irish Stout from HEINEKEN Ireland, is being rolled out further to pubs, off-licences and retailers across the country from today as consumers seek out more choice and new experiences. Island’s Edge will be available in off licences and retailers by mid-September and in pubs and bars nationwide by the end of the year.

    Brewed at HEINEKEN Ireland’s iconic brewery in Cork, it was almost 24 months in development. Island’s Edge is another great example of the tenacious Irish entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to emerge from Covid-19. In pursuit of a refreshing new stout that would rejuvenate Ireland’s iconic stout category, the small and passionate Island’s Edge team experimented with over 100 test brews before discovering that adding tea to the process reduced the bitterness, leaving an unexpectedly refreshing mouthfeel. This innovation is completely new in the stout category.

    Toshin, Zapho, Emily Shaw, Nealo Heineken Island's Edge Easy Food
    X Collective group members Toshin, Emily Shaw and Zapho with Dublin rapper Nealo as they toast the new stout. Both Nealo and X Collective performed at the official Island’s Edge launch. Photo: Conor McCabe Photography.

    Most stout stories start with one creator; the Island’s Edge story started with an innovative, collective approach, which involved bartenders, pub owners and stout fans across the country. The result is a new brand and product that was built from scratch with consumers. With an ABV of 4%, Island’s Edge is a creamy, smooth stout, brimming with refreshment.

    Marketing Manager for Island’s Edge Paula Conlon said, “We’ve listened to stout and beer drinkers and we know they’re ready to experiment with stout! From working hand in hand with our customers, we know how excited they are to be part of this journey with us, offering a new stout experience to Irish consumers at just the right time. With three in four people in our target market interested in trying a new Irish stout, we hope that with its unexpectedly refreshing taste, Island’s Edge is set to rejuvenate the stout experience, whether that’s in bars, pubs or at home with friends.”

    Nealo Heineken Island's Edge Easy Food
    Dublin rapper Nealo toasting the new stout. Photo: Conor McCabe Photography.

    PJ Tierney, Head Brewer for Island’s Edge at HEINEKEN Ireland, said, “When we started developing Island’s Edge, we played with over 100 recipes and countless ingredients to see what we could add to stout to achieve a really refreshing taste.  When we discovered that adding a touch of tea at just the right moment softens the bitterness of stout, making it smoother tasting, we knew we had landed on an unexpectedly refreshing pint of stout. We also kept the heritage of the traditional stout pour, but we knew Island’s Edge needed a different type of glass. After trying three types, consumers told us they loved the feel of the tall conical glass so everything about Island’s Edge is just a little unexpectedly refreshing. Myself and the brewing team in Cork are very proud to see the kegs rolling out to pubs, off licences and retail shelves across the country.”

    Most off licences and retailers nationwide will be fully stocked by mid-September with Island’s Edge available in both 4 x 500ml and 8 x 500ml formats, with an RRP of €8 and €14 respectively. For pubs and bars, nationwide roll out begins in September and will see Island’s Edge become a firm stout staple for consumers across the country.

    *Research conducted by Bounce Insights. Field work was undertaken in Ireland in August 2021 and incorporated 500 adults in Ireland aged 25-35 with an equal split of male and female.