We can’t wait to experience the Chef’s Supper Club!


    We love the sound of this very special Chef’s Supper Club!

    Starting this month, the restaurant will be arriving at your doorstep. The Chef Supper Club pairs quality ingredients with high-production virtual experiences to recreate the atmosphere and thrill of luxury dining without ever leaving your home. Each kit arrives within 24 hours of each event, or can be collected directly from The Chef Supper Club in Blackrock.

    The Chef Supper Club is redefining the way we experience and appreciate food. The virtual events debut in September 2021 promising to be a paramount taste experience unlike any other. Each menu will be designed and curated by Ireland’s (and Europe’s) top chefs, featuring a blended model of live interaction and hands-on culinary action to take you through the origin, creation, and inspirations behind your favourite dishes. Diners are invited to choose from three experiences; ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’, ‘From Scratch’ and ‘Potions’ where you will learn and interact with the experts. The best dining experiences have often been described as theatrical, while The Chef Supper Club promises to be cinematic.

    Donegal chef Ciarán Sweeney will be first to host his virtual ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’ experience on Saturday 11th September for the chef supper club, where he will be showcasing his menu live from his kitchen at the Olde Glen Restaurant in Carrigart, Donegal.

    In this first experience, Sweeney will showcase the very best of Irish seafood, meat and produce, combining all these elements to create a memorable meal. Tickets for this event are on sale now, starting at €120 for a meal for two.

    Speaking about his menu, Ciarán said, “At the “Olde Glen Restaurant”, it’s a marriage between mountain and sea because here in Carrigart, Donegal you are right between both. We have the mountains on one side and the sea on the other, so my menu on September 11th will portray that marriage.”

    Sommelier Cathryn Bell (Wine Rover) has selected two exquisite wines to complement Ciarán’s menu at an additional €60.

    Speaking about her selections, Cathryn Bell said: “Ciarán’s menu does a fantastic job of capturing the terroir of Donegal and I wanted a white wine that could transmit that freshness whilst amplifying the individual flavour components in this dish, resonating the sense of seriousness and dedication that underpins the work of coastal producers.”

    Here’s the run-down on the five-course menu:

    Course One: Cheese and Onion Gougère | Malt Vinegar
    Course Two: Beef & Stout Brioche | Oyster Emulsion
    Course Three: Crab Tartlet | “OURganic” Tomatoes | Lovage | Seaweed
    Course Four: Olde Glen “Colcannon” | Turf Smoked Ham Hock | Potato & Cabbage
    Course Five: Set Buttermilk Cream | Wild Brambles | Tarragon

    To book or to check out the other experiences that are part of The Chef’s Supper Club, visit www.thechefsupperclub.com.