Top 12 food trends to watch for in 2019

    Top 10 food trends to watch for in 2019

    Can’t wait to know what’s going to be big food trends next year? Well, it looks like that in 2019, people will be baking their own bread and smearing it with batches of homemade jam. It appears that we’ll also eat a lot of snacks and ice-cream, all food trends that you won’t definitely miss put in 2019!

    Here’s our selection of the top food trends to absolutely watch for in 2019:

    Irish food trends

    1.Ice cream

    According to the reports, ice-cream sales increased hugely this year. Get ahead of the trend and try our espresso yourself or apple crumble, and learn how to make a delicious homemade ice-cream.

    2. West African food


    The upcoming 2019 will be the year we get stuck into pepper, peanut and egusi (melon seed) soups, jollof and moin moin (steamed bean pudding).

    3.Winter salads

    Winter antioxidant salad Easy Food

    We’ll start experimenting with bitter winter salads featuring chicory, radicchio and cavolo nero. Get ahead of the trend and try our best ever salads.

    4. Alcohol-free cocktails

    Christmas mocktails

    Almost a third of 16-25 year olds are going alcohol-free in Ireland. Try our Christmas mocktails over the festive season, and see if you can find any difference.

    World food trends

    Bread baking

    Stout bread Easy Food

    In 2019, more people will try their hand at making bread at home, especially fermented and sourdough loaves. Get ahead of the trend with these two recipes:

    Homemade jamHealthy blackberry chia seed jam Easy Food

    These days it seems like every trendy food item has an artisanal, homemade touch and jam is no different. In 2019, you’ll be pairing your homemade bread with homemade jam, too. Try our tasty jams:

    7. Mushrooms

    Mushroom trend 2019

    People look more and more for recipes containing mushrooms. Although it is likely we’ll find mushrooms in unexpected food and drinks like coffee or ice-cream, you can get ahead of the trend with some of our best mushroom recipes:

    8. Sea greens

    sea greens

    Dried shrimp, cuttlefish paste, water lily seeds, plant-based tuna alternatives with algae ingredients and crispy snackable salmon skins, amongst other seafood flavour inspirations.

    9. Oxtail

    braised oxtails

    All you adventurous eaters, pay attention! Oxtail is going to start showing up on the dinner table in 2019 — especially in slow-cooker friendly dishes.

    10. Snacking

    Peanut butter and banana oats Easy Food

    It appears we are entering a new era of snacking — higher protein and lower-carb combos will continue to trend across snacking categories. We’ll also see more probiotics through products like granola, porridge, nut butters and soups.

    11. Pecan is the new vegan

    Classic pecan pie | Easy Food

    Pecans’ consumption is growing more and more, and this trend is expected to invade the world’s market in 2019. They’re delicious, nutritious and an ideal snack.

    12. High-protein legume pasta

    Legume pasta

    This one will be a very healthy option for any pasta lover in 2019!


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