Top 3 recipes to cook for your mom on Mother’s Day

    Mother's day

    For this year, ditch the box of chocolates and surprise your mum with gorgeous homemade treats for Mother’s Day.

    Treat your mum to breakfast in bed or bake some Danish pastries – cooking for the most important woman in your life doesn’t have to be necessarily hard work. Have a look at the recipe below and you”l find out how whip up a feast without breaking a sweat.

    1. Smoked salmon quiche

    Smoked salmon quiche Easy FoodThis lovely salmon smoked quiche works great for special occasions, and especially loved by mums. You can make it ahead and serve it cold in slices the next day.

    2. Berry swirls

    Berry swirls Easy Food

    These delicious berry swirls are delicious pastries that works as great treats for picnics, afternoon tea… and Mother’s Day. So motherly tasty!

    3. Strawberry-rhubarb Bellini

    Strawberry rhubarb bellini Easy FoodThis cocktail evokes the classic strawberryrhubarb pie, but with that fizzy kick to celebrate a special occasion. Who said moms can’t enjoy a proper cocktail?


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