This whiskey and music combo will make you miss Dublin

    Dubliner Whiskey new bottle design Easy Food

    As Dublin remains closed, the appeal of the city’s character and magic has never been greater; empty streets and closed pub fronts are stark reminders of the laughter and late nights for which the Irish capital is celebrated. The camaraderie amongst strangers spilling onto the streets and, of course, a sing-along – which often includes a few choruses of The Auld Triangle. Originally penned by Dickey Shannon of the Liberties, the ballad was popularised after featuring in Brendan Behan’s 1954 play The Quare Fellow, and later adopted by the infamous Irish group, The Dubliners.

    The Auld Triangle is an anthem to generations of Irish people and often one of the first songs to be enjoyed by a full pub at the end of a night. Kildare-based artists Tebi Rex have recorded a new cover of the song, drawing inspiration from Dubliner Whiskey’s new look. Dreamt and distilled in the heart of the Liberties district of Dublin, the bottle was created by an Irish team to focus on the brand’s past and what modern Dublin represents. It isn’t changing what’s inside the bottle — just giving it a fresh look and feel. Similarly, the iconic chorus of The Auld Triangle has been bookended with fresh verses from Tebi Rex with musings and memories of life in modern day Dublin.

    The video, directed by Slack Press, stars Kildare-based artists Matt O’Baoill and Max Zanga of Tebi Rex meeting for a drink along the banks of the Royal Canal, a go-to for Dubliners when the weather is decent. The video even features The Tenters, a historic Dublin 8 community that was birthplace to Ronnie Drew, one of the founding members of the Dubliners.    

    Tebi Rex are a hip-hop duo that formed in college in Kildare and featured in this year’s SXSW. Their tunes reflect the realities of everyday life for modern Irish youth culture with zeal and fervour, and a characteristic Irish wit. 

    Global Brand Manager Darren Mooney says, “We were delighted Tebi Rex agreed to work with us on this project. The rebranding gave us license to reimagine what the brand should reflect and stand for, and modern Dublin (and Ireland) gives cause for a lot of optimism. We’ve still some way to go, but we’ve made huge progress as a country in the past decade and the aim of this track (and video) was to capture some of that. Max and Matt took the idea to another level and were a pleasure to collaborate with.” 

    Global Brand Director and project lead Bronagh Hunt says, “Irish whiskey is one of the most dynamic categories in the world currently, enjoying significant growth in the last year, but we believe there’s a great deal more growth yet to be unlocked by appealing to Gen Z and millennial consumers with The Dubliners distinct Bourbon Cask finish. The Dubliner offers outstanding quality and with its eye-catching new look, it’s the complete package and really stands out on shelf”.

    Dubliner Whiskey new bottle design Easy Food

    The new Dubliner Irish Whiskey look will include the core range: a three-year-old blended whiskey aged in bourbon casks, and The Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb Liqueur. It’s now available in Ireland and the US, with an introduction to other markets like Australia, France and the UK later in the year. We look forward to giving it a try!