This unique new whiskey has just launched in Ireland

    The Busker new Irish whiskey Easy Food

    A new Irish whiskey has just launched in Ireland. We’re told The Busker is something very special geared towards those looking for something new and contemporary, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to check it out.

    The Busker range includes all four types of Irish whiskey: single grain, single pot still, single malt, and a blend. The Busker Blend — “Triple Cask Triple Smooth” — combines grain with a high percentage of malt and pot whiskey. Matured and finished in three different casks (bourbon, sherry and marsala), this whiskey brings a new meaning of smoothness to Irish whiskey.

    The Busker Single Collection, represented by the three traditional types of Irish whiskey (single grain, single pot still and single malt), is produced under one roof at the world-class Royal Oak Distillery. Each whiskey boasts an unmistakable taste profile, with nuances ranging from vanilla and oak to rich spicy notes.

    The Busker’s superior taste and quality can be attributed to two main factors. The first of these is the highly skilled distilling team, including Master Blender John Ramsay and Distillery Manager Lisa Ryan. Together, they possess 55 years of experience creating premium spirits.

    A Scotch Whisky icon, John Ramsay has been Master Blender for some of the world’s most awarded and respected whiskies. He has developed some of Scotland’s most well-known brands; to honour his contrib and when he retired in 2009, a special limited-edition whisky was released in his name. The Busker brand is very proud to have John involved since the beginning, and he plays a key role in selecting the finest quality matured whiskey to go into each and every bottle.

    Lisa Ryan brings her passion and experience for producing the highest quality whiskey by using the finest local ingredients and innovative production processes. Having spent the majority of her career in the drinks industry, she was recently recognised as an “Icon of Whiskey — Ireland” and awarded Distillery Manager of the Year by Whiskey Magazine.

    The Busker new Irish whiskey Easy Food

    The second factor in creating the uniqueness of The Busker is the distillery where it is produced. Built in 2016 on a 17th century estate on the banks of the river Barrow in Co. Carlow, the distillery produces all three types of Irish Whiskey using locally sourced ingredients and spring water.

    A major point of differentiation for The Busker takes place during the aging process, where the “Triple Cask Triple Smooth” blend and Single Grain expression matures in authentic, Cantine Florio (1833) Sicilian marsala wine casks.

    The Busker will be available at all independent off licences nationwide, with an RRP of €29.99 for the blend and €39.99 for the Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot Still bottles. Sláinte!