This might be the extra help you need to do Dry January

    Heineken 0.0 non alcoholic Dry Pack Dry January 2021 Easy Food

    Heineken® 0.0 has launched an advent calendar-style ‘Dry Pack’, which contains 31 cans of non-alcoholic Heineken® 0.0, one for each day of the month.

    According to Heineken, a recent Behaviour & Attitudes Dry January research study found that one in four Irish adults are likely to participate in Dry January in 2021 — unsurprising, considering that health and wellbeing has become more of a priority for Irish adults following 2020. Dry January is particularly prevalent in the 25-34 age group, where more than one third of respondents indicated they were likely to participate this year.

    The study also showed that 42% of Irish adults under the age of 35 feel that the option of a non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic alternative helps them achieve their goals. A 33cl can of Heineken® 0.0 contains just 69 calories, finding favour amongst those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

    The Heineken 0.0% Dry January Pack aims to offer encouragement to those embarking on a Dry January, providing Irish consumers with the choice to go non-alcoholic without compromising on quality.

    Heineken 0.0 non alcoholic Dry Pack Dry January 2021 Easy Food

    Marketing Manager at Heineken Ireland Mark Noble said, “We know Irish consumers want a balanced lifestyle, but many go the extra mile in January and abstain from alcoholic drinks completely. Research has shown that 20% of people miss drinking alcohol when participating in Dry January, but with Heineken® 0.0 they don’t have to compromise on taste. The release of Heineken® 0.0’s Dry Pack will give customers a fresh reason to enjoy its world-class taste. We are committed to embedding Heineken 0.0 in Irish culture and the Dry Packs are just one way we are providing choice in relevant ways — we have lots more exciting plans in 2021 to bring Heineken 0.0 to customers.”

    The Heineken® 0.0 ‘Dry Pack’ is available to win here or you can find Heineken 0.0% in supermarkets and off-licences nationwide.