This is where you can buy your favourite Irish cheese online

    Buy Irish cheese online Cais Easy Food

    While in lockdown, more and more companies have turned to the internet to sell their products as home delivery helps us to keep our social distance.

    According to a member survey carried out by Cáis, the Association of Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers, an estimated drop of 75% shows in sales as a result of the closure of foodservice outlets and farmers markets – which accounted for the majority of sales in 2019 – due to Covid-19.

    “We are devastated at how the Covid-19 public health emergency has impacted the foodservice business and the economy in Ireland,” Louis Grubb, chairperson of Cáis, said.

    “The only way we can ensure the viability of our sector is by doing everything we can to encourage Irish retailers to stock and promote our products at this time.”

    That’s why you can still support the cheese industry by taking part in the ‘Buy Irish Farmhouse Cheese Online’ campaign. Cáis has launched this to encourage consumers to purchase Irish farmhouse cheese directly from suppliers.

    So if you’re in dire need of your favourite Irish farmhouse cheese, click here to see the list of stockists you an buy it from and have it delivered directly to your home.