This is how you’re cooking and eating right now

    How people are cook and eating during lockdown Easy Food

    With the world as we know it so drastically different right now, we wanted to know how your cooking and eating habits have changed. Here’s what we found out…


    Almost 90% of you are enjoying this opportunity to cook more from home, with 64% spending five hours or longer cooking up a storm every week. Nearly 42% of you are taking the opportunity to prepare more elaborate meals, and 70% are experimenting with new dishes and recipes.

    Roast stuffed pork steak Easy Food
    Looking for something new? Try this stuffed roast pork steak!

    While just over 10% of you are isolating alone, 30% are part of a dynamic duo and 43% live in a three- or four-person household. We’d like to give a special shout-out to the 1.4% of you who are cooking for seven or more people — you are absolute champions!

    One-pan roasted chicken and leeks Easy Food
    The one-pan chicken and leek dish is ideal when you’re cooking for one.

    So where are you finding your recipe inspiration (other than Easy Food, of course!)? Over 60% of you have turned to your cookbook shelves, while websites are just as popular a source. A solid 34% are using food magazines to hunt down recipes, and TV shows and YouTube videos are also being utilised. Many of you are relying on old favourites and family recipes, which is fab, and we’re particularly impressed with those creative cooks amongst you who are making clever use of what you have and pulling together bespoke meals based on the contents of your fridges and cupboards — now that’s quarantine cooking at its finest.

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    Bean and vegetable gratin Easy Food
    This bean and veggie gratin uses storecupboard ingredients — plus it doesn’t matter if your bread is a bit stale!

    The most-used ingredients right now are definitely storecupboard staples such as pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, and beans and lentils (both tinned and dried). Over 60% of you are relying heavily on cheese and almost 50% on bread, and we can’t say we disapprove — cheese toasties do make everything better, after all. In other news that will surprise nobody, nowhere, we Irish are also eating a LOT of potatoes, and — as sourdough continues to dominate social media — flour has become a much sought-after item on our shopping lists.

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    Beetroot and lentil burgers Easy Food
    These beetroot and lentil burgers taste as good as they look!

    Just 6% of our respondents are vegetarians, and for those of you who aren’t, chicken remains the protein of choice, with a whopping 92% enjoying those chicken dinners. Next on the list is beef at 60%, while we’re pleased to see 46% of you are getting those omega-3s in with some fish dishes. Pork (22%), lamb (14%) and seafood (8.6%) are still on the Irish dinner table, too.

    Barbecue BBQ peri peri chicken Easy Food
    Whether barbecuing in the back garden or cooking indoors, this peri peri chicken is the taste of sunshine we all need right now.

    Food has always been the highlight of our days here at Easy Food, but this has never been more true than it is during this lockdown, and treating ourselves is paramount. Most of Ireland loves a good “fakeaway,” and top choices are pizza at 44%, Chinese food (42%) and good old chipper favourites like spice bags, fish and chips and burgers. Many a shout-out was given to Italian food, while some of you simply aren’t into the takeaway vibe. It’s also no surprise that we’ve all been in need of a few sweet treats, and 70% of you are baking more than usual.

    Homemade spice bag | Easy Food
    You’ll love our so-easy homemade spice bag.

    When it comes to trying new dishes, there’s a wide variety in what you’ve been choosing, from exotic curries to full-on fancy beef Wellingtons. Banana bread has been enjoying a serious moment in the spotlight, and several of you have been making your own homemade sushi — so impressive! In making these delicious dishes, loads of you have been rediscovering some of your lesser-used appliances, especially slow cookers and woks.

    Chicken curry Easy Food
    If you haven’t made a chicken curry before, this back-to-basics version is a great place to start.

    Whatever you’re eating, we hope you’re staying safe, sane and well-fed during this difficult time. We love to see what you’re cooking, so keep us in the loop by sharing pics of your kitchen creations on our social media.