This is how to win big with your favourite comfort food recipe

    This is how you can win big with your favourite comfort food recipe easyfood gastrogays

    January and February are usually the months for cuddling on the couch with your favourite dish of comfort food: Think lasagne, or spaghetti bolognese, or any other delicious, bubbling cheese dish.

    And now you can share your love for these dishes by helping food writers Patrick Hanlon and Russel Alford, aka GastroGays, to find Ireland’s most comforting cheese recipes. One winner will receive Ireland’s Blue Book Hotel vouchers worth €2000 as well as two runners-up prizes!

    “We’re all in need of a bit of comfort at the moment and this competition is a fun challenge to share a recipe that you love and may even have a story behind,” Patrick and Russel commented.

    GastroGays have joined forces with the National Dairy Council and the EU funded Cheese Your Way campaign to find out what’s cooking, melting, and bubbling in homes across Ireland!

    “We’re really looking forward to seeing what entries start coming in for this competition,” Patrick added. “In the past year we have seen many of our followers post recipes with wonderful produce from Ireland, Fance and even Denmark, so wherever your inspiration comes from, we’d love to hear about it.”

    The Irish’s love of cheese and the curiosity to try out more varieties were the inspiration behind this delicious competition. In a recent EU funded survey 53% of people stated they are curious to discover more cheeses but it also showed that Ireland’s firm favourite is cheddar by 64%!

    Russel says that it’s exciting that Ireland is open to exploring different cheeses. “We love cooking with cheese as it is so easy to use as well as being delicious,” he says. “All it takes is a little bit of know how to transform the recipe from normal to phenomenal with the right cheese and flavour combination, which we look forward to share throughout the competition.”

    Keep an eye on GastroGays’ Instagram to see all of their tips and trick on different flavour combinations.

    You can submit your favourite, cheesy comfort food recipes until Friday, 9th of April by going to the Cheese Your Way website.