This is how you can support your local pub during lockdown

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    It’s been more than two months since the pubs were open and we’re all longing to enjoy an ice-cold pint at our local joint. To add to all of that, the lockdown is really taking its toll on everyone and every single business all over the world.

    But there is a way to help your local pub – even while staying home!

    MyLocal, an initiative in partnership with LoyLap (a leading fintech company in Ireland that specialises in payment solutions), is an initiative started by Colm Devine, Dylan and Angela Martin, three friends based in Dublin, to unite and support local pubs in a safe and secure way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Pubs are a huge part of the Irish culture and are very much in the centre of the community,” says Colm. “Local pubs are a home away from home for many people which is why individuals want to support pubs through this uncertain time.”

    Dylan emphasizes how important it is for small businesses to manage their cash flow and have cash in the bank – especially during times like these. “There has been limited support for pubs, and seeing pubs shut their doors permanently would be a devastating sight.”

    Hence, MyLocal was born.

    So how does it work? You simply visit the MyLocal website, buy an online voucher for your local pub anywhere in Ireland, and once the lockdown is over and the pubs open, you can cash in your voucher and enjoy the pints or pub food you’ve been missing for several weeks. It’s that easy!

    Not only are you benefiting from it, but the pub will also get the funds directly which can help them to get through these uncertain times. You have a direct impact on supporting your local pub! Now, doesn’t that sound great?

    Angela encourages people to buy these vouchers. “It’s a strange time celebrating a birthday during COVID-19. You can’t exactly see your friends to celebrate, so buying them a voucher for their local pub is a great way to ensure that the birthday is celebrated later,” she says.

    Even if it’s not a gift, it’s a perfect way to catch up with friends when we can all get together again. “On a Friday afternoon people really start feeling nostalgic about having a drink at their local pub,” Angela says. “Instead of just longing for your pint, get onto the MyLocal website and buy a round of drinks for you and your mates to enjoy when the pubs open again. Next week, it’ll be the next person’s turn to buy a round.”

    What to do if you can’t find your local pub on the MyLocal database? “(MyLocal) is still a new initiative and pubs are still in the process of signing up. If you can’t find your pub (on the website), send them a message on social media and encourage them to sign up so that you can start supporting them.

    “We have a lot of interest from restaurants and cafés. They can absolutely sign up on MyLocal too!”

    Go follow MyLocal on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you support pubs across Ireland during these challenging times.