This is how YOU can help during Covid-19


    Although most of us are lucky enough to be self-isolating and work from home, thousands of frontline medical staff can’t. There are lots of people going through a hard time now while we’re all social distancing.

    Clean Cut Meals, however, are trying to make it all better by providing nutritious meals to all of those who help to fight Covid-19 or are finding it hard to get to the shops to buy food, such as the elderly.

    Last week they have given 500 meals to medical frontline workers. “Some paramedics haven’t been able to do a food shop in 10 days, they are sleeping on site and have no time to get food,” a PR person said. “Clean Cut Meals want them to be eating nutritious dense food and not surviving on coffee and processed foods so this is now being delivered all across the country to hospitals and also to elderly people.”

    But to keep on doing this, the company needs help from the public to fund this project as its a small business and couldn’t sustain doing this on their own. That’s why they have started a GoFundMe page.

    To help them keeping frontline workers and elderly people as healthy as possible in these times, you can click here to get more information and donate.