This is how we’ll be treating ourselves in 2021

    Baileys treat report 2021 Easy Food

    Treating ourselves took centre stage this year, delivering a small but important daily dose of happiness. As we start the countdown to 2021, the Baileys Treat Report is revealing all the delicious and tantalising treats that will emerge over the next 12 months. Compiled by Baileys with leading food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye and a cohort of global treat-makers and -lovers, the report captures insights from around the world and forecasts the next delicious treat trends for the year ahead.

    So how will we be treating ourselves in 2021?

    Get ready for a playful and whimsical treating adventure next year, with colour and texture sprinkled throughout. Whipped air will take off to new extremes after the explosion of Dalgona coffee in 2020, with puffed up desserts, candy floss-inspired delights and cocktail foams; French pâtisserie favourite, the macaron, becomes decadently ‘extra’ in the macaron ice cream sandwich; and Japanese indulgence makes an appearance as fluffy Japanese pancakes bring lighter textures to the brunch table and mochi goes mainstream. In slightly unexpected news, glow-in-the-dark treats using bioluminescence are set to tempt us, along with clashing combos like chocolate-coated potato crisps and much more.

    The Baileys Treat Report 2021 top 10 treat trends
    • Humble porridge oats will go centre stage as oat-based milk chocolates, ice creams, cheeses, yoghurts, and even double cream are coming our way.
    • Cacao pulp is the sweet and fruity flesh of the cacao seed, generally discarded when making chocolate. You can expect to see it appear as a flavourful alternative to coconut water, topped with eye-catching edible flowers for the perfect non-alcoholic refresher.
    • Japan is a haven for delicious, whimsical treats that will put a smile on your face, and we’ll be seeing a massive influx of Japanese-inspired wonders including wobbly, pillow-like pancakes and the Taiyaki fish, a soft waffle-like cone in the shape of a fish, stuffed to the gills with ice cream, sprinkles, sauces and wafers.
    Baileys treat report 2021 Easy Food
    Fluffy Japanese pancakes
    • Savoury spreads are getting a makeover as they turn to treats. Add a touch of luxury to toast as sloe gin spreads and Champagne butters turn your snack into a meal fit for royalty.
    • Bioluminescent edible algae will find its way into our favourite cocktails, giving them an incredible other-worldly, glowing appearance that will be hard to ignore. Will someone pass us a glowtini?
    • Riding on the coat tails of the whipped Dalgona coffee, air will be whipped, injected and stuffed into everything from ice cream to candy floss, giving a light texture that leaves us craving more.
    • Classic macarons and Danish pastries are due to get a whimsical makeover. Introducing the macaron ice cream sandwich and the nougat crown, already building up a sizeable following in Los Angeles.
    Baileys treat report 2021 Easy Food
    Macaron ice cream sandwiches
    • Many of us already love the combination of sweet and salty flavours. Next year, this is set to ramp up into something even more indulgent with ice cream fries, Danish dessert pizza and potato snacks covered in milk chocolate to name but a few.
    • Next year there’s going to be a mochi for everyone, from ice cream with a mochi textured top layer to mochi pancake mixes, mochi doughnuts and even savoury skewers of stuffed mochi balls all on the horizon.
    • Unsurprisingly, everyone has been indulging in a bit more self-care in 2020 and this kick will continue. People will be indulging themselves in new botanical drinks that offer qualities like calm, focus, glow and rest. Fermented beverages like hop water — a non-alcoholic drink with a slight beer taste — will be bigger than ever.

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