This gelato shop is celebrating September as Vegan Month

    Gino's Gelato Vegan Month September 2021 Easy Food

    Gino’s Gelato has made September Vegan Month in all 23 stores nationwide, adding four new dairy-free, vegan-friendly flavours.

    Gino’s sources the best of Irish where possible, and they use 100% Irish spring filtered water from ‘Fior Uisce’ to create their range of dairy-free sorbets, extended for the month of September to include even more flavours.

    The new flavours include peach, pineapple, pomegranate and coconut, adding to the Gino’s dairy-free offering which includes vegan chocolate, strawberry sorbet and mango sorbet.

    Gino’s is now also offering vegan milkshakes using plant-based milks along with the new sorbet range to create delicious shakes.

    To celebrate Vegan Month at Gino’s, all seven dairy-free flavours will be available every day from today, September 7th, through to the end of the month in each of the 23 Gino’s Gelato stores around the country, alongside the classic range of gelato made using 100% Irish organic milk.

    Gino's Gelato Vegan Month September 2021 Easy Food

    Speaking about the latest launches, co-owner Anthony Murphy said, “At Gino’s Gelato we are always expanding our range of flavours and 2021 has been one of our most exciting yet. We are delighted to be bringing Vegan Month to all our stores this September. Our master gelato makers are always testing delicious new combinations in the Gino’s kitchens, this year some incredible new vegan sorbet options include pomegranate, peach, pineapple and coconut.

    “We are always looking for inspiration for new flavours as well as making our existing range better than ever! We have some more very exciting flavours in testing, so get your tastebuds ready for even more exciting launches in the coming months.”

    Gino’s Gelato has 23 stores nationwide. For locations and opening hours, visit