This gelato is now more guilt-free than ever before

    Gino's Gelato biodegradable Easy Food

    We couldn’t be more excited that our beloved Gino’s Gelato is going green by swapping out 90% of their packaging for sustainable alternatives.

    The Irish company has been using local sourced organic milk since its inception, creating freshly made traditional gelato daily in all of its stores across the country. Over the past year, Gino’s has been making moves to be a completely guilt-free treat option for consumers, swapping around five million plastic spoons, tubs, cups and waffle and crepe containers for fully biodegradable replacements.

    After tackling the recycling in his own home, co-founder Jonathan Kirwan realised he needed to tackle the issue within the business.

    “It struck me that we sell millions of tubs and plastic spoons each year and this is where we started making changes,” explains Kirwan.

    “We strongly felt that it was our responsibility to lead the change in this area. We are taking responsibility for our own environmental impact and putting in the work, so that our customers don’t have to. I now want to make our shops as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.”

    Gino’s Gelato CSR mission is to be a leading sustainable, ethical Irish business. Using organic Irish milk from The Village Dairy in Carlow, the quality and origin of the milk is hugely important to the Gino’s Gelato offering. They believe that it’s happy Irish cows that make the gelato so special.

    “Overall we want our customers to know that choosing Gino’s this summer means choosing a guilt-free, Irish treat,” says founder Kirwan. “Happy staff, happy cows, happy customers, saving the planet each day. Not a bad day’s work.”

    After all, anything which makes eating ice cream guilt free is a win in our books!

    Feel like making your own? Try our delicious brown bread ice-cream recipe here.



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