These were the highs and lows of kindness last year

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    New social data has today revealed the milestone moments in 2020 and beginning of 2021 that have had a direct impact on how Ireland has exercised kindness online. KIND Snacks identified a collection of phrases that repeatedly came up in tweets where people had spread kindness, or positively commented on another individual’s act of kindness.

    Using these terms, KIND Snacks was then able to track how they had been used throughout the year, noting significant peaks and troughs against ongoing conversation for key calendar events or cultural moments, from Covid-19 announcements to Matt Damon being spotted in Dalkey!

    Surveying Ireland’s tweets from the entire year & start of 2021, the index has revealed that moments such as The Late Late Show Charity appeal campaign, Clap for Carers and #SaveDublinZoo all significantly swung online chat for the better, whilst national lows included new announcements of Level 5 restrictions.

    Commissioned by KIND Snacks and coined the ‘Kind Curve’, the index shows how we came together as a country at key events throughout 2020. Remarkable acts of kindness have dominated news stories alongside rolling Covid-19 updates and as a result of the data displayed in the Curve and now KIND Snacks is calling on the people of Ireland to ensure this wave of kindness continues for 2021.


    Top 8 moments that sparked kindness in 2020
    1. Government coronavirus plans call for extraordinary measures (22,484)
    2. Clap for Carers launches (17,164)
    3. Global covid cases pass one million (15,952)
    4. GAA’s community focus announced (15,508)
    5. Matt Damon locks down in Dalkey (13,240)
    6. Leo Varadkar quotes Mean Girls during COVID-19 briefing (13,096)
    7. Joe Biden announced as the next US President (12,891)
    8. Tony Holohan steps back to care for wife (12,850)


    A year of kindness

    Uncovering just when and where Ireland have exercised kindness this year, the Kind Curve revealed that Ireland’s kindness peaked dramatically on the 17th March, as the country prepared for our first national lockdown. The dramatic peak in kindness saw kind tweets increase by 103% from the 1017th March, showing how the people of Ireland came together to support and guide each other.

    Other notable kindness highs included Joe Biden announced as the next US President, Tony Holohan stepping back to care for his wife as people rallied to support and acknowledge is efforts, whilst Matt Damon being locked down in Dalkey also helped spur tweets of support, humour and kindness online.

    Interestingly, the data revealed that despite these good news moments coming through the year, the nation has not managed to meet the burst of support and kindness that was on offer at the start of the first lockdown. Whilst there have been significant peaks, the overall trajectory shows a worrying downwards trend, and implies there is still more work to be done when it comes to increasing our kindness to each other online.

    Let’s keep it going this year — there’s no question that we need it!