These new summer beers are a real taste of the Irish West

    Connemara Brewing Company new summer beers 2021 Easy Food

    Located in Carraroe, Co. Galway, Connemara Brewing Company have launched their beer line for 2021 in a 330ml can.

    Connemara’s water quality is noted as being one of the best in the world. Combined with quality raw materials and crafted by the know-how of their world-class brewers, this comes together to create a refreshing beer like no other. Connemara Brewing Company beers are made from scratch in the Carraroe Brewery, using traditional recipes and as many local ingredients as possible, sourced directly from carefully selected producers.

    Connemara Brewing Company new summer beers 2021 Easy Food

    This summer’s signature lager is best described as refreshing, clean and robust. It features a pleasingly spicy and floral bitterness from its Žatecký hops, backed up with a slight maltiness from a blend of Irish and continental grains, and a crisp clean finish from specially selected yeast and an open fermentation.

    Irish ale has a long and dignified history. The Connemara Ale is juicy and full of flavour, with a hop medley and yeast blend that provide fantastic flavour.

    “We’ve kept to those traditional values by producing an open fermented ale with a reddish hue and a beautifully sweet palate that is bursting with hop flavour while remaining low in bitterness. It’s like a Connemara sunset in a glass,” explained Chief Brewer Aine O’Hora.

    Connemara Brewing Company is one of a small number of select suppliers chosen as part of Aldi and Bord Bia’s “Grow with Aldi” programme, which means their beers will be available in stores throughout Ireland from June 6th.

    “Working with Aldi and being in store gives us such an opportunity to be visible as a brand and to hopefully get new customers to drink our ale and lager. We are right now in independent retail and hospitality venues throughout the West, which has really enabled us to understand our customers more. Through a huge supermarket chain like Aldi, we will be in the mainstream and in view to the shoppers of Ireland. We couldn’t be happier with this really brilliant opportunity,” said Aine.

    Connemara Brewing Company new summer beers 2021 Easy Food

    Connemara Brewing Company’s commitment to taste and quality comes through in their sustainability ethos from brewing to sale, with state-of-the-art technology enabling them to use as little water as possible in brewing, as well as returned grain to farming lands in the locality for a lessened environmental impact. The company also decided on using cans instead of bottles to lessen their landfill footprint.

    Aine O’Hora is one of the foremost brewers in Ireland. She has been brewing continuously since finishing her science degree almost 20 years ago (further complemented by a Masters in Brewing & Distilling). She has started and run both start-up craft and large international breweries, and now invests all that experience and skill into producing some of Ireland’s best beers.

    For more information and a list of stockists, check out the Connemara Brewing Company website.