These are the award-winning producers of Ireland

    IFWG Food Award winners 2020. PHOTO: Paul Sherwood
    IFWG Food Award winners 2020. PHOTO: Paul Sherwood

    Cork is often referred to as the foodie county of Ireland. Add a sprinkle of sustainability in there and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

    At this year’s Irish Food Writers’ Guild (IFWG) Food Awards three of the eight awards went to food producers in this county.

    “In considering this year’s award winners, we identified a fantastic company producing Fairtrade chocolate sustainably in Cork, along with a wonderful cheesemaker, also in Cork, who has dedicated much of her life to the betterment of Ireland’s food culture,” chairperson of the IFWG Kristin Jensen said at the 26th annual event.

    “The Guild was so impressed by their work, their standards of excellence and their contribution to our food industry that we have singled them both out for an IFWG Award, one of the highest accolades in the Irish food honours list.”

    The IFWG celebrate excellence and recognise indigenous food producers and organisations that help to create and maintain Ireland’s outstanding reputation in food and drink.

    Chocolate and cheese, when made locally and sustainably or produced using traditional methods, are great, Jensen also said.

    “These awards highlight the incredible work of small, independent Irish food producers and organisations at a time when supporting local, home-grown industries has never been more relevant or important.

    “We are fortunate in Ireland to have an abundance of locally produced food and drink produce of the highest quality.”

    The 2020 IFWG Food Award winners are:

    • Food Award: Frank Hederman for Hederman Hot Smoked Irish Salmon, Co. Cork – click here to read more.
    • Food Award: Shine’s Seafood for Shine’s Wild Irish Tuna, Co. Donegal – click here to read more.
    • Food Award: Inch House Traditional Black Pudding, Co. Tipperary – click here to read more.
    • Irish Drink Award: Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Co. Dublin – click here to read more.
    • Outstanding Contribution to Irish Food Award: Joyce Timmins, Co. Dublin.
    • Environmental Award: Exploding Tree (Chocolate), Co. Cork – click here to read more.
    • Community Food Award: Falling Fruit Ireland (fruit harvesting), Co. Dublin – click here to read more.
    • Lifetime Achievement Award: Jeffa Gill (cheesemaker), Co. Cork – click here to read more.