The traditional Christmas menu

    Traditional Christmas menu

    Traditional Christmas menu doesn’t mean boring! For many of us, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge turkey, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts. We’ve collected the best traditional Christmas recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. But there’s always some little part of tradition that we can improve – Have a look at the menu below to take the traditional Christmas menu to the next level.

    Smoked salmon terrine

    Smoked salmon terrine Easy FoodMaking a smoked salmon terrine couldn’t be easier with this simple recipe. Make it ahead and it’ll keep for up to three days in the fridge.

    Simple roast turkey
    Simple roast turkey Easy Food

    Try our traditional Christmas turkey recipe to guarantee your roast is succulent and full of flavour. Make sure you use enough butter, season with salt and pepper and place your turkey in the oven.

    Classic gravyClassic gravy Easy Food

    Here’s how to make a classic gravy for your Christmas turkey. This gravy recipe will have you ready to serve up a delicious meal in no time

    Crispy Hasselback potatoes

    Crispy hasselback potatoes Easy FoodWe love these seasoned Hasselback potatoes because they turns out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. All you need is: butter, olive oil, salt and of course potatoes!

    Creamed Brussels sprouts with crispy bacon

    Creamed Brussels sprouts with crispy bacon Easy FoodThese Brussels Sprouts with Bacon will turn everyone that doesn’t like brussels sprouts into a sprouts addicted. Bacon and Brussels sprouts are such a classic combination and  bacon flavour enhances the taste of the sprouts.

    Caramelised apple and mincemeat tart

    Caramelised apple and mincemeat tart Easy Food

    This caramelised apple and mincemeat tart is a lovely tea-time delicacy but also an ideal for Christmas baking. Serve this homemade tart with custard or brandy sauce if desired.

    Looking for more Christmas menu ideas? Have a look at our ham-lover’s menu and the luxurious Christmas beef menu.


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