The top 10 school lunchbox items you need to know for the year ahead

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    School’s back, and that means school lunches are too.

    Whilst some of us have terrible memories of school lunches, a huge ‘health homework’ programme from LAYA Healthcare has discovered the top 10 most popular school lunchbox items.

    The ‘Super Troopers’ programme

    Now in its 5th year, this is Ireland’s biggest ‘health homework’ programme and works with almost half of the primary schools in Ireland. According to the parents who participated in the study, the top 10 most popular lunchbox items with children aged 5-12 are:

    1. Fresh fruit
    2. Sandwiches, wraps or bread rolls
    3. Water
    4. Cheese, yoghurt or milk
    5. Vegetables
    6. Fruit-flavoured water
    7. Pasta
    8. Salad
    9. Crisps
    10. Chocolate

    Things to think about

    The ‘Top 10’ list is definitely a helpful aid when planning lunchboxes, but the study did have a few warnings or pieces of advice for parents. Portion sizes can still be an issue — especially when eating out — and certain types of fruit-flavoured water can be nearly as sugar-filled as fizzy drinks. If you’d like to read more of the findings, or find some ‘Super Trooper’-approved recipes, visit their website.

    Top tip

    If your kids are a fan of fizzy drinks, why not try homemade lemonade?