The remaining Love Island contestants as Easy Food recipes

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    It’s that time of year again. This season’s Love Island chapter is coming to a close as the finale looms nearer. We’re eagerly awaiting Monday night’s last episode to see which of the loved-up contestants nab the £50,000 prize. Therefore we saw no better time than now to compare the remaining few islanders to Easy Food recipes! Because, why not?!


    amber love island easy foodAs seen earlier on in the season, Amber can be a tough nut to crack. She doesn’t let many people in, and she definitely makes you work to gain her trust. That’s why we think Amber shares uncanny similarities with our chocolate souffles — tricky to get right, but ultimately worth the trouble.


    greg love island easy food

    Ah, Greg. Where have you been hiding? How come the prospective men we meet on nights out resemble dry, bland, lumps of beef instead of the rich and flavoursome beef goulash with buttered cabbage that Greg encompasses? I bet he’d offer you his portion, too.



    molly-mae love island easy food

    Popular from the get-go, Molly has presented herself as a loveable and loyal friend to all the girls, and a devoted girlfriend to Tommy. The classic Victoria sponge seems like the perfect fit for this classic girl next door.



    tommy love island easy food

    As for Tommy himself, we see him as the dependable, no-fuss, better than Bolognese recipe which everyone knows and loves.



    maura love island easy food

    What you see is what you get with Maura. We love her for her outspoken attitude and unapologetic demeanour. She knows what she wants, and she goes for it. That’s why we’ve compared her to the straight-forward but always satisfying one-pan garlic prawns with potatoes and asparagus.



    curtis love island easy food

    Curtis was a tough one to pin down as it was hard for us to come up with narcissistic food ideas. However, we’ve come to the conclusion that he resembles our sweet tea recipe as he’s a pro at sweet talking himself out of any situation.



    belle love island easy food

    One thing we know about Belle for sure is that she doesn’t like getting pied! She can have a bit of a temper if you get on her bad side, which is why she resembles our salted ‘n’ spiced chocolate cookies. If she’s getting salty then you best get ready for the spice!



    anton love island easy food

    What’s more perfect for our favourite scotsman than our mini Scotch eggs? Not only are they super delicious, but they’re an excellent source of protein — ideal for this buff gym owner!



    india love island easy food

    The fact that India hasn’t gotten a lot of air time hasn’t gone unnoticed, but she’s proven to be a head-turner when it comes to the guys in the villa. Enter the frittata: a dish that rarely gets top menu billing, but proves universally likeable. Plus, we think Ovie could show off his egg skills with this tapas frittata.



    ovie love island easy food

    I think we can all agree that we need more Ovie in our lives. For us, he resembles our sticky Asian baby back ribs. He’s a fun guy that you can have the ‘bants’ with, but like ribs, there’s more than meets the eye: there’s a lot of substance and a depth of flavour to this man.


    If any of these dishes take your fancy, then feel free to ‘pull them for a chat’ and try them out any time!

    To catch the love Island finale, make sure to tune into ITV 2 at 9pm on Monday night!


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