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    Whether you’re on the hunt for some impressive festive fare or simply looking for tasty movie night nibbles, YR has got you covered with creative sharing plates designed for intimate, cosy evenings.

    When you’ve been around as long as YR, you pick up a few tricks along the way. YR has been manufactured in Ireland, to the same recipe, since 1837. For almost two centuries, YR has been importing ingredients from around the world, blending the flavours and aromas of tropical India, the sun-bleached Middle East and the Mediterranean to bring global flavours to the Irish palate.

    While nobody would dream of altering the time-honoured original recipe, a few experiments were lovingly recorded and stored in the archives over the years. YR thought it was time to dust off these recipes and put them to the test — resulting in a must-try range of extraordinary relishes. Like the YR Brown Sauce, YR relishes are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They’re relishious!


    Our top tips for serving cheese
    1. Think ahead

    For the best possible experience, always remove cheese from the fridge 45 minutes to one hour before you plan on serving your cheeseboard.

    1. The perfect combination

    There’s no need to go overboard on your cheese selection. Simply make sure you include 2-3 different cheeses with a good variety in texture. It’s also nice to include different milk types: perhaps one cow’s milk cheese, one sheep’s and one goat’s.

    1. All the trimmings

    Choose accompaniments that will add interest. Fresh or dried fruit brings a touch of sweetness, nuts add crunch and cured meats offer a contrast in colour and texture, while the complexity of YR relishes will make your cheeseboard stand out from the crowd.


    Camembert in puff pastry

    A whole Camembert, liberally spread with YR Balsamic Red Onion Relish on one side and YR Original Tomato Relish on the other, before being wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden. With oozing insides, this is made for sharing — simply serve it up with good crusty bread.

    YR Sauces Relish Camembert in puff pastry Easy Food

    A rich and luxurious tomato relish, YR Original Tomato is made with sun-ripened tomatoes, onions and sultanas, with a hint of date, tamarind and molasses. Pop some in a cheese toastie, use it for dunking barbecued sausages, dollop over baked potatoes with some sour cream, or use it as a flavour-packed dip for crackers, crudités or crisps.


    Edible cheeseboard

    A cheeseboard made from pizza dough, with two nests included for YR Balsamic Red Onion Relish and YR Original Tomato Relish. Add a selection of cheeses, cured meats, fruit and crackers, and let guests enjoy tearing away at the cheeseboard as the toppings disappear.

    YR Sauces relish edible cheeseboard Easy Food

    Made from an ancient recipe with a modern twist, the dark and sticky YR Balsamic Red Onion Relish is sweet one moment and tangy the next. With red onion, dates, grapes and molasses, this is a robust relish that perfectly complements cheese, salads, burgers and pizza. Be prepared to be surprised as your tastebuds tingle!


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