The Great Dessert Debate 2021: we asked, you answered

    Gooey chocolate pudding

    Last week, we polled our followers on Instagram to find out what you loved, liked and loathed about some of the most popular desserts out there. Read on to find out whether your opinion stands out from the crowd…

    We know our readers appreciate a good sweet treat, so it came as no surprise that a whopping 95% of you said you are, in fact, dessert-lovers. While most of you (82%) exercise some sort of restraint — midweek, at least! — we were very impressed with the 18% of you who enjoy a dessert every day. We like your style!

    Next, we got into your preferences when it comes to toppings. Some of these came quite close, with 55% of you choosing vanilla ice cream over custard (45%). When it comes to cream, it’s a little more cut and dried, with 68% of you wanting it whipped, and just 32% choosing a simple, generous pour of fresh cream.

    Homemade vanilla ice cream
    Our homemade vanilla ice cream is the business

    With salted caramel still popping up everywhere, we thought it important to hear your thoughts. Almost three-quarters of you (74%) are still in love with this sweet-meets-salty masterpiece, while 26% just aren’t feelin’ it. Our next topping question was a specific one: do you like your pavlova finished with fresh berries, or with kiwi, banana and mandarin? A huge 89% of you went for the berry option, with just 11% giving your vote to the tropical fruits.

    Next up, we wanted to know whether a Victoria sponge should have fresh strawberries, as opposed to just jam. Being of two minds ourselves on this one, we were interested to see that 71% of you agreed, with just 29% of you voting against.

    Victoria Sponge cake
    Make the perfect Victoria sponge every time with our easy guide. Strawberries optional!

    And then we came to the tough questions, pitting some of our favourite desserts against each other in a cruel contest. When forced to choose between chocolate cake and coffee cake, the results were close, with chocolate cake winning — barely — at 53%. Apple crumble beat apple tart at a healthier margin, garnering 70% of the votes as opposed to the tart’s 30%, and we saw similar numbers in the battle between rocky road and chocolate biscuit cake, with the biscuit cake running away with 71% of the vote. Considering Ireland’s proclivity towards cheesecakes of the set variety, we weren’t surprised to find that just one-quarter of you (25%) prefer the American-style baked cheesecake.

    Next, it was the inevitable Battle of the Brownies: do you prefer yours cakey or fudgy in texture? While 21% of you chose cakey, we’re pleased to report that 79% of you chose the correct answer: fudgy brownies reign supreme. Yep. We said what we said.

    Sourdough brownies
    We have a special place in our hearts for these sourdough brownies.

    To wrap things up, we had to ask the age-old question: Viennetta or Romantica? In this battle of the swankiest ice cream desserts the 90s had to offer — still both extremely delicious, TBH — the results were close, with Romantica pipping Viennetta to the post with 55% of your votes. Don’t worry, Viennetta. We still love you. We’ll always love you.

    Do you have any unpopular dessert opinions you’re prepared to share, or are you mad at us over the brownie thing? Come join us on social media and have your say!