The foods you’re missing the most right now


    This week, we asked you which foods and drinks you’re indulging in under the current restrictions, and which you’re missing the mostHere’s what we found out…


    Almost 30% of you are eating considerably more (and 40% of you a little more) during this time, and we can’t say we blame you — Team Easy Food has most definitely been turning to food for both entertainment and solace! Some of your current favourite treats include wine, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, crisps, baked goods, cheeseboards and homemade cocktails. Doin’ it up RIGHT.

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    Eat Ireland Murphys ice cream floats Jocelyn Doyle Easy Food
    These boozy adults-only ice cream floats might be just the treat you’re looking for

    At the same time, many of you are being careful to strike that all-important balance; in fact, 42% of you are making sure to eat the same amount of healthy foods as usual, and 24% are getting even more nutritious meals in than you were pre-lockdown. Gotta support those immune systems, am I right?

    We asked what you missed the most with these restrictions in place, and there were few surprises. Going to restaurants and pubs featured prominently, as did those all-too-craveable pints of black. Many of you were feeling wistful over fancy coffees, McDonalds and particular takeaways that are unavailable to you at the moment.

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    Dalgona coffee easy food
    Are you as obsessed with Dalgona coffee as we are?

    In fact, 61% of you are ordering fewer takeaways than you did pre-quarantine, whether that’s because you’re cooking more, have fewer local options than usual or are working with a reduced income. Just over 37% have been ordering food via delivery, mostly directly from restaurants.

    We were delighted to see that 95% of you believe that it’ll be extremely important or very important to support local restaurants, coffee shops and food suppliers once we see some easing of restrictions, a sentiment we share here at Easy Food. Whether it’s buying locally-made products, ordering a takeaway, purchasing a voucher for a local restaurant or the 80% of you who are simply gagging to get a table booked, it’s fantastic to see so many of our readers poised to pour money back into our local economies and provide crucial support to our struggling food producers and hospitality industry. In fact, over 84% are planning to eat out at least as often as before the rise of covid-19, if not more so.

    Hoisin pork tacos Easy Food
    These hoisin pork tacos are an incredible mash-up of Chinese and Mexican flavours. Would recommend!

    In the meantime, if you’re craving a particular cuisine but can’t get your hands on it, check out our Tastebud Travels series! So far, we’ve taken a trip to sunny Spain for paella and sangria; explored the pizza, pasta and pastries of la bella Italia; eaten our way through many of our Chinese takeaway favourites (and some new dishes, too!); and strolled down Mexico way to find tacos, fajitas and indulgent nachos.

    However you’re treating yourself, and whatever place you’re making for life post-lockdown, we hope you’re staying safe, sane and well-fed. We love to see what you’re cooking, so keep us in the loop by sharing pics of your kitchen creations on our social media.